Here is a collection of kind words our past and present students & parents have said about their time with Dance Arts Singapore.

“Dance arts isn’t the biggest dance school around but the range of open classes offered for adults is still pretty decent, with ballet, jazz (street and latin), hip hop and contemporary. The studios are average sized but classes don’t get as crowded here as compared to places like Jitterbugs so that’s a huge plus with more attention from the teacher.

Although they call it an open class system, do note that the teachers tend to teach a routine in parts over 4 weeks or a month. In this way, there is some form of continuity and the school seems to be looking at getting people to come regularly. As they are not a very big school, the teachers tend to remember you and even make it a point to remember your name. They will give individual comments throughout the lesson to help you improve your overall dance technique as opposed to other studios where the focus is just to complete the week’s choreography.

Dancing here is really enjoyable as you learn under experienced teachers but also feel really comfortable as everyone is really friendly.”

– ‘Blue-Pants’ (Username), 2012

“I love this place. The warmth and the friendliness of the place is always radiated from the insides of the studios. Although this dance studio isn’t the biggest around or the most prestigious around, the people that teach the students who enroll here for dance are dedicated and caring – they seem to be patient and understanding towards the needs of the students.

The teachers are also friendly – whenever I see them, they are all smiles. They never fail to spread their joy to me. A friend who goes for classes there regularly enjoys their classes so much that she just loves to be in the studio and amongst the people that she mixes with.

Having been to a few of their recitals, I also love the way that the dances are choreographed – the formation and the blockings are beautifully layered, the music captivating, and the moves more often than not are skillfully executed with ease, grace and poise.”

– Megan Foo, 2014

“My two daughters (8 & 10) have been dancing since they were 4. They have been with Ms Shanti over 4 years. Amazing and talented teacher. She is great with children, every one of the kids adore Ms Shanti @ Dance Art! This school not the typical “ONLY FOR EXAM”, or “PUSH the kids until they can’t breath” school, each teachers love the children, they care so much. Their love not only on the dance but also how the children grow!!! The have inspired so much for my two daughters. Thank you so much to Ms Shanti. Highly recommend this Dance Arts.”

– Chrisney Smith, 2016

“My daughters have been coming here for dance classes for 4 years and they absolutely love it. Ms Shanti, Ms Andrea, and Ms Natalie have been brilliant and what is great about the school is that the teachers have been here for a long time and qualified. They make it fun for the young ones and teach technique for the older ones. Great location as well for the parents as they wait for class to finish.”

– Monica Tsai, 2019

“I really enjoyed the adult ballet classes at Dance Arts. Good level, friendly and knowledgeable instructor (I had Ms Shanti), and a nice dance space. I will miss it now that I have left Singapore!”

– Astrid Boje, 2019

“Brought our 3-year-old daughter in Dance Arts with no expectations of the school besides the information we got online. We were very pleased that our kid immediately loved the vibes of the place and the teachers were very friendly and professional. The studio has a convenient location which is a plus factor for us.”

– Kenneth, 2019

“My daughters have been learning ballet at Dance Arts since they were 4. They always look forward to the classes and really love their teacher Ms Natalie. It’s sad that she has left but the other teachers like Ms Andrea and Ms Shanti are excellent as well. Dance Arts is more than just another dance school. Its a warm and friendly place, and the teachers and staff really genuinely care for the students. Highly recommend Dance Arts!”

– Geraldine Raj, 2019

“We followed Ms Andrea who was also teaching at another dance studio. We absolutely love Dance Arts and do not regret moving at all. My daughter has thrived in her ballet and I would highly recommend this dance studio. They have a wide variety of different classes to try out and the staff are super friendly and accommodating.”

– Bianca King, 2019

“My Daughter has been attending lessons with Dance Arts for more than 5 years – several times a week. The school has an exceptional standard of teaching and commitment towards the children, shown by all the staff we have worked with. Furthermore they have been amazing mentors and role-models in guiding the children through life-lessons such as collaboration, determination, kindness to others and self-confidence. Her time as Dance Arts has had a profound positive impact on shaping the young lady she is turning into.

The adult Tap classes are also excellent! I really loved them. Highly recommend!!”

– Taskeen Sahir, 2019

“My daughter loved it! Definitely recommend.”

– Nicole Pei, 2019

“My niece went to this school before and she is now one of the best dancers in her class. Kudos to the team!”

– Lily Nguyen, 2019

“I moved my daughter to Dance Arts due to Ms Andrea, who is a Dance Arts teacher and was retained by another studio temporarily to teach RAD ballet. Andrea really knows how to extract the very best in each of the kids. Hearing that Dance Arts was a dance studio that offered classes in all disciplines of dance, we decided to move across and I’m so glad we did. My daughter thrives at Dance Arts, no doubt because of the high standard of teaching of all DA teachers.”

– Jen H, 2019

“I went to Dance Arts for kickboxing classes many years ago and when my daughter wanted to take ballet classes, i knew this was the place for her. The teachers are patient, caring and attentive. My daughter loves coming for class and looks forward to Mondays because she gets to go for ballet. I highly recommend Dance Arts if you are looking for dance classes for your children or maybe even for yourself!”

– Rachel Pinto, 2019

“My daughter has been with Dance Art for amazing 8yrs!! With the teachers passion in coaching, my girl has done well and actually ignited her love for classical ballet. Specially thanks to Ms Shanti and Ms Andrea. Good job and keep up the good work! Keep the fire 🔥burning ya 😃”

– ‘Soul Assassin’ (Username), 2019

“Daughter likes it very much. The environment is very good, and the teacher teaches well.”

– Mary Tan, 2020

“It’s a beautiful studio. My kids are very happy!”

– Jiessie Su, 2020

“Lovely experience and my girls love it here. Professional!”

– John Tan, 2021

“Staff were all welcoming and helpful, left a good impression.”

– Valerie Voong, 2021