Our Story

DANCE ARTS SINGAPORE, established since 1983, has been providing a wide and exciting range of classes for children and adults, all taught by professional teachers. With over 35 years of history, our studio is not only a place of learning, but also functions as the second home of passion, enjoyment, and love of dance for many students. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and develop the skills of dance.

As of May 2024, Dance Arts has become a member of Dancepointe Academy, and is located at their studios at City Square Mall, Farrer Park.

Classes that we offer include:

  • Ballet
    • RAD Syllabus ballet (Royal Academy of Dance)
    • CSTD Syllabus ballet (Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing)
    • Freestyle Ballet (Non Syllabus)
  • Tap Dance
    • Al Gilbert Syllabus

With its experienced staff and fully qualified teachers, Dance Arts continually provides an excellent environment for the development in dance technique as well as nurturing and maintaining the passion and love for dance.

Dance education beginning in early childhood and continuing into adulthood benefits the body, mind and spirit. Dance provides an important opportunity to express oneself non-verbally. Dance helps to increase flexibility, tones and strengthens the body.

All the classes offered at Dance Arts for children, teens and adults are offered from Beginners to Advanced levels.

Dance Arts will continue to offer and maintain an up to date high standard of instruction in all our classes, in keeping with our traditions of nurturing and developing the love and passion for dance.

Our Mission Statement

“To consistently provide an inspirational environment for the development of dance technique in our students, while nurturing and maintaining their love and passion for dance”