Ardena Castillo
Passion for DanceLatin Fitness

Ardena Castillo is originally from Chihuahua, Mexico. Singapore has been her home since 2019 and she immediately fell in love with the Lion City. She started her Zumba journey in the United States back in 2014, when her second child was born.Trying to find the way to restart her body, mind and daily routine, she discovered the infinite benefits of dance fitness. She got inspired and decided to become an instructor trusting her experience in athletics that basketball gave her through her university. She embraces the opportunity to help others find confidence, joy, love, relief stress and burn a good number of calories while dancing and having fun.

Ardena has a big fascination with music, especially Latin music. She truly believes that our souls vibrate through it, creating the perfect atmosphere for a class where you will find explosive energy, customized levels of intensity and fun with good friends. You will end with a beautiful smile to transform the start of your day into a wonderful week. Don’t miss the opportunity to join Ardena in Latin Fitness at Dance Arts!

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